A podcast that breaks through the surface of traditional thinking.

History Repeating Itself is a podcast that explores controversial predictions that are substantiated from past patterns and present culture.  In each podcast, Ben Orlando and his co-host Michelle take a different kind of look at both traditional and non-traditional contentious questions, such as exploring the morality of suicide and predicting the disappearance of football.   

History Repeating Itself is written, produced, and directed by Ben Orlando.  The music in the podcast is all original, with most composed and played by Ben and Michelle.  It has been in production since 2013.

Ben Orlando

Ben Orlando

Ben Orlando is a fiction writer, podcaster, screenwriter, and teacher.  Ben has been published in The Bellevue Literary Journal, The Writing Disorder, and Foliate Oak Literary Journal, among many others.  Along with writing non-fiction and producing his podcast, Ben is a professor at George Mason University, focusing on composition and research. 

Ben has also worked in the Editorial and Communications Departments at The Pew Charitable Trusts Foundation and taught at Columbus College of Art and Design, Clark College, and Trinity Washington University, among others, focusing on research and creative writing. Ben received his MFA in Creative Writing from Eastern Washington University and his Bachelor of Arts from University of Pittsburgh.  He joined the Peace Corp in 2001 where he lived for 4 years after deciding to stay and teach at The American School.  Ben has also lived and taught in South Korea.